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Online Registration and Renewal of Cetificates of Boilers and Economisers are mandatory w.e.f. 30.05.2017.
Online Approval of Boiler Manufacturer / Erector and Renewal thereof are mandatory w.e.f. 17.08.2017.
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Directorate of Boilers

Directorate of Boilers

Directorate of Boilers is a statutory body under Labour Department, Govt. Of West Bengal, acting in accordance with the provisions of the Boilers Act, 1923, Indian Boiler Regulations 1950 and Rules made thereunder.

The main role of this Directorate is to ensure safety to human life and property through sound manufacturing, erection and commissioning practice, safe operation and proper maintenance of boilers, economisers, steam and feed water pipelines by applications of the provisions of the relevant Acts and Rules.

It is a fully technical directorate which mainly deals with design, manufacturing, erection and registration/erection of Boilers under construction and in use.

Safety is ensured at the design, manufacturing and erection stages of the boilers, economizers’, steam and feed water pipelines by application of the Indian Boiler Regulations,1950(as amended up to date) and different National and International codes. For applications of the safe operation and maintenance of the boilers and economizers, the following rules have been framed and amended by the State Government under the Act:

• The West Bengal Boiler Rules,1963

• The Boiler Operation Engineers’ Rules,2011

• The Boiler Attendants’ Rules,2011

• The W.B Economizer Rules,1958