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Admission notice for the session 2020-2021 at Welders Training Centre
Admission notice for the session 2020-2021 at Welders Training Centre
Online Registration and Renewal of Cetificates of Boilers and Economisers are mandatory w.e.f. 30.05.2017.
Online Approval of Boiler Manufacturer / Erector and Renewal thereof are mandatory w.e.f. 17.08.2017.
Stop Child Labour.
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Activities of Directorate of Boilers

Activities of Directorate of Boilers

The activities relating to various public services rendered by the Directorate are indicated below:

1) Inspection of boilers, economizers, steam vessels, steam & feed water pipes and other mountings & fittings under manufacture.

2) Inspection of boilers, economizers, steam vessels, steam/feed water lines during erection at site.

3) Registration/Erection of boilers/economizers on completion of erection and subsequent tests.

4) Inspection of boilers/economizers during use for issuing fitness certification.

5) Examination and subsequent approval of drawings relating to manufacture and erection of boilers, boiler components, mountings and fittings and the layouts of steam & feed water lines.

6) Scrutiny and endorsement of documents pertaining to manufacture of boilers and other related components.

7) Investigation and submission of reports on accident involving boilers/economizers, associated pipe lines and other vessels coming under the purview of IBR.

8) Prosecution of the owners of boilers for violation of the provisions laid down in the Indian Boilers Act.

9) Updating records maintained by the Directorate when any boiler is either transferred from our state to other state or received by our State.

10) Forwarding views on the proposals received from concerned parties regarding amendment of the Indian Boiler Regulations to the Central Boilers Board for consideration.

11) To conduct examinations for the first class boiler attendants, second class boiler attendants and boiler operation engineers for issuance of certificates of competency to the successful candidates.

12) Carrying out mechanical, chemical non-destructive and metallurgical tests for materials in connection with manufacture, erection and repairing of boilers and associated pipe lines at the Testing Laboratory of this Directorate.

13) Failure analysis of pressure parts of the boilers and boiler components.

14) To conduct testing of the high pressure welders and issue certificates for the successful candidates.

15) Imparting training to candidates on modern high pressure welding at the Welders' Training Centre under this Directorate.

16) Carrying out Remnant Life Assessment of old boilers and making recommendation for repairs/replacement of pressure parts as required.

17) Making recommendation to the State Govt. while granting exemption of the boilers/ economisers from the provision of the Indian Boilers Act, 1923- due consideration is given to safety in respect of age , quality of feed water control arrangement and record of past performance while making the recommendation.