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Admission notice for the session 2020-2021 at Welders Training Centre
Admission notice for the session 2020-2021 at Welders Training Centre
Online Registration and Renewal of Cetificates of Boilers and Economisers are mandatory w.e.f. 30.05.2017.
Online Approval of Boiler Manufacturer / Erector and Renewal thereof are mandatory w.e.f. 17.08.2017.
Stop Child Labour.
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Indian Boiler Regulations, 1950

Indian Boiler Regulations, 1950

These Regulations shall apply to all boilers including those working on principles of natural circulation, forced circulation and forced flow with no fixed steam and water line.

Indian Boiler Regulations, 1950 deals with the following:

General and standard requirement of boiler.

Materials for construction of boiler.

Construction and workmanship of boiler.

Working pressure to be allowed for various pressure part of boiler.

Requisite mountings and fittings of boiler.

Steam pipes and fittings.

Registration/Erection and inspection of boiler and pipe line.

Safety of person inside boiler

Economiser, Feed pipes, Feed heaters.

Registration/Erection and inspection of economiser.

Shell type boilers of welded construction.

Qualification test for welders

Small Industrial boilers.

Feed water for boiler.

Fees registration/erection and inspection of boiler and related activities.

Different Forms for registration/erection and inspection.

IBR Amendment 1999,1

IBR Amendment 1999,2

IBR Amendment 1999,3

IBR Amendment 1999,4

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