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Online Registration and Renewal of Cetificates of Boilers and Economisers are mandatory w.e.f. 30.05.2017.
Online Approval of Boiler Manufacturer / Erector and Renewal thereof are mandatory w.e.f. 17.08.2017.
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Certificates and Approval Issued

Certificates and Approval Issued by the Directorate

Certificates and approval which are issued by this Directorate are listed below:


1) Certificates for use of a boiler in Form –V/VI

2) Certificate for use of an economizer in Form – X/XI

3) First Class Boiler Attendant certificate of competency in Form – B

4) Second Class Boiler Attendant Certificate of competency in Form – C

5) Certificate of Proficiency for Boiler Operation Engineer in Form –B

6) Qualified Boiler Welder’s certificate in Form – XIII

7) Inspecting Authority’s certificate of Inspection during construction in Form – II/IIA/IIB/IIC/ III/ III A etc

8) Certificate of manufacture and test for small industrial boiler in Form – XVII

9) Approval of Erector/ repairer of Boiler and Pipeline – as per Reg 392 of IBR